Power Fruits Mix

A little bit of slack ? Then try the "Power Fruits Mix" consisting of Papaya, Grapes, Pineapple, Coconut, Mango, Figs and Physalis.

All these fruits will reboost your body and mind!

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    We all have different lifestyles.

    Reading e-mails, writing reports, doing what your boss or your customer wants, cooking for the kids, playing sports, doing housework, clubbing or going out with friends in bars, etc.

    It is the accumulation of all these activities that takes time and energy. Either you reduce the number of activities, but you don't do everything you want, or you try to save time in each of them. Nutsery recommends the second option.

    By buying the "Power Fruits" mix, you're giving yourself the necessary and optimal energy level which you need to save this time. You think faster and better.

    Give yourself the means. Tomorrow is another day.

    Compositions dried Papaya (Thailand), dried Pineapple (Costa Rica/Ecuador), dried Grapes (Chile), sunflower oil, Coconut chips ( Phillippines/Sri Lanka), small dried Figs (Iran), dried Physalis (Columbia/Ecuador), dried Kiwi (Iran)
    Calories pour 100g 354,96 kcal
    Protéines pour 100g 3,38 gr
    Matières grasses pour 100g 8,78 gr
    Hydrate de carbone pour 100g 64,46 gr
    Dimensions du paquet 13 cm x 19 cm
    Poids du paquet 100 gr net
    Conservation Protect from light in a dry and airtight place
    Remarque Oxygen Absorber in the pack to preserve freshness of the ingredients

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