Pecans & Coconuts

Yum-Yum! The Pecans, a luxury product, combined with Coconut is fanta-healtha-stic !

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    Do you know the African proverb "He who swallows a coconut places great trust in his anus"?

    We assure you right now: you will not have to experience it with this mixture because the flesh of the Coconut is diced and then associated with a luxury product: Pecans.

    "Did we freak you out? Hehe"

    This blend offers you everything you could ever desire: polyunsaturated fat acids, minerals and trace elements (potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium), group vitamins C, B and E, as well as a high proportion of vegetable proteins.

    Compositions 50% Pecans (USA/Mexico), 50% Coconut (Philippines)
    Calories pour 100g 661,67 kcal
    Protéines pour 100g 8 gr
    Matières grasses pour 100g 63,33 gr
    Hydrate de carbone pour 100g 14,67 gr
    Dimensions du paquet 13 cm x 19 cm
    Poids du paquet 100 gr
    Allergènes Nuts
    Conservation Protect from light in a dry and airtight place
    Remarque Oxygen Absorber in the pack to preserve freshness of the ingredients

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