Hazelnuts, Kiwi & Grapes

A mixture of hazelnuts, for crisp, dry grapes and kiwi for taste and energy

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    We offer you quite of an exceptional blend! Hazelnuts, Grapes, and Kiwis.

    Served as a mid-morning snack or later in the afternoon, these products will amaze you as much by their fusion in the mouth as by their quality.

    "But what do these nuts and dried fruit have more than others?"

    "I'll tell you my boy"

    Our hazelnuts come from Italy and have been selected because they are particularly large (14-15mm) and when the crunch in the mouth, they do"CRRRAAAKKK" (for mountaineers, abstain due to risk of avalanches!) .

    Our Jumbo Flames Raisins from Chile are also large (14mm at least!) and are so soft that they almost melt in your mouth.

    Finally, our dried Kiwis give a note of acidity contrasting with the Hazelnut and the Grapes. The explosion is even more mind-blowing!

    "It's more than good, it's fantastic!"

    Compositions 33,33% Hazelnuts (Italy), 33,33% dried Grapes (Chile), 33,33% dried Kiwis (Thailand)
    Calories pour 100g 323,33 kcal
    Protéines pour 100g 5,53 gr
    Matières grasses pour 100g 20,76 gr
    Hydrate de carbone pour 100g 14,66 gr
    Dimensions du paquet 13 cm x 19 cm
    Poids du paquet 100 gr
    Allergènes Nuts, Sulfites
    Conservation Protect from light in a dry and airtight place
    Remarque Oxygen Absorber in the pack to preserve freshness of the ingredients

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