Grapes, Cranberries and Physalis

A nut-free blend that makes you smile

"Oh, this mix only made up of berries looks amazing!" - Cranberries, Jumbo Flame Grapes and Physalis ready to serve you!

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    This blend of Cranberries, Jumbo Flames Grapes and Physalis has interesting attributes.


    "Right, you could only know that if you tried them"


    The berries, having a high content of vitamins and minerals, exert important functions in biochemical processes of the body. In addition, they contain the so-called "flavonoids" touted in the prevention of age-related diseases, and anthocyanins, known for their antioxydant properties.

    "With that, you're good for a long time!"

    Ideal for those who are on a diet

    Not only these fruits are very yummy, but they also calm down your hunger with all the fibers they contain (such as pectin). These will fill up your stomach and intestines retaining a lot of water, which will make them swell and reduce your urge to keep eating.

    "Isn't that motivating? Especially because most people do not know it!"

    Compositions 33,33% dried Cranberries apple juice (USA), 33,33% dried Physalis (Columbia/Ecuador), 33,33% dried Grapes (Chile)
    Calories pour 100g 355,66 kcal
    Protéines pour 100g 8,21 gr
    Matières grasses pour 100g 17,46 gr
    Hydrate de carbone pour 100g 28,83 gr
    Dimensions du paquet 13 cm x 19 cm
    Poids du paquet 100 gr
    Conservation Protect from light in a dry and airtight place
    Remarque Oxygen Absorber in the pack to preserve freshness of the ingredients

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